Thursday, March 26, 2009

A preview of what's to come

I'm warning you now, so you can avoid it, if you wish.

I am going to spend the next several million blog posts talking about decluttering my home. I got the idea from this thread on Mothering's message board. And now, I'm subjecting all of you to reading about my progress. Or not. I'll post a blog with something like "I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH MY MAJOR DECLUTTER!" or "I HAVE OFFICIALLY GIVEN UP ON MY MAJOR DECLUTTER" as the title when I'm done, one way or the other. So you can choose when to come back. Watch for those titles.

Here's the thing, folks. I have my Home Management Binder. I love my Home Management Binder. I love how pretty and pink it is, how well organized it is. How there is a page for everything and a pocket for everything else. I really like to look at it, and lovingly turn the pages, imagining a time when I have enough energy, resources, and gumption to get back into the groove of things and keep my house as it is supposed to be kept.

If you need help reading between the lines, there, what I'm saying is, I love it, but haven't been using it.

As a result, my house has turned into a building that would send those snooty British cleaning ladies on that snooty British cleaning show running for the hills. (If you don't know to which show I refer, I am sure you can Google "Snooty British Cleaning Ladies" and find something. Surely I am not the only one who feels this way about them.)

So, consider this your warning. You may not want to read my next blog. I plan to have pictures of my home in it. If it would send the snooty British cleaning ladies running, imagine what it will do to you...

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